One of the places of Milos that combines the rare natural beauty with the great history is the beach Paliorema, in the east of the island.

As the boat approaches the big rock, you will have the unique opportunity to admire a variety of earthy hues throughout the brown, red and yellow range.

The sulfur that exists throughout the area and was used for disinfection but mainly for antiseptic and therapeutic purposes, is to blame for this colorful feast. And which in combination with the chemical reaction of rust give us these poetic images taken from a painting.

It housed for years the old sulfur mines, the so-called sulfur mines of Milos. They are one of the geological sites of the island’s mining history and a large part of the Greek industrial heritage.

Its burns are a typical example of a typical interwar mine and flourished in the 1930s.

Although it has been in operation since 1960, the wagons, the rails for transporting the sulfur from the mountain slope to the harbor to the sea, the mining galleries, the ruined stone buildings, and the plethora of rusty tools are still preserved.

Enjoying your dives in this eerie and impressive setting, framed by the beautiful sandy beach with colored pebbles and crystal-clear warm waters, you will feel like you are making an imaginary journey back in time.