If you have a passion for climbing, you should definitely visit Cape Vani, northwest of 25 km from the port of Adamas, where at its bottom lie many unexplored shipwrecks at a depth of over 50 meters.

The area is called Xerokampos, where the age of its volcanic rocks is 3-2.6 million years, ranking it the oldest.

Heading north, you will find the mine of the same name. Hard volcanic rocks are beginning to emerge, andesitic lavas and low vegetation with Milos plants as well as noches – hollows in the lava, which have been formed by the erosion of the rocks due to the strong wind which contains salt.

The characteristic red-copper colors of the rocks are due to iron and sulfur oxides in the degraded tuffs.

Lovers of flora will have the opportunity to admire up close the typical toasty vegetation of the Mediterranean type of Milos, which you compose with clusters of snakes mixed with spruce (Juniperus phoenicea), local coniferous trees, evergreen broadleaves and wild oleander. oleaster). In the background are the old, abandoned kaolin mines.

Cape Vani, in addition to rare geological interests, has an important archaeological history. There are many signs on the ground from the presence of shallow sea in the past. Fossils of mammalian teeth and bones as well as bivalve marine fossils, corals and other interesting finds have been found.