Our Story

In 1994 Xenakis Nikolaos started with a small sailboat to transport visitors to inaccessible beaches. His dream was to offer unique moments of relaxation and adventure!
Twenty years later, the same desire is shared by his colleagues. Together they have developed the original idea so that today Milos Adventures provides remarkable integrated tourist services by boat or organised package deals. Our guests safety and treating them with respect and reliability has always been a priority for all the members of our office thus ensuring that their visit is an unforgettable experience… until  their next visit!

Our mission

Discover the beauty of Milos island. Join us for an amazing daily sailing excursion on board Chrysovalandou Sailing Catamarans. Initiate the seamanship, participate actively in the sailing procedures and visit famous locations accessible only by sea.
You are also welcome to try other unique tours by sea or land

"Captain Nikolaos is a well-known sailing yachts skipper, due to his excellent experience in catamarans. He is the owner of a Dufour Nautitech 475 since 1999. Born in 1963 in Athens, he’s been married for 16 years and has a young daughter. As a professional skipper since 1984 he has all the appropriate training to guide you safely around the greek islands and guarantee you an enjoyable cruise free of worries. Captain Nikolaos is an expert in sailing in Cyclades islands and he knows like few how to take care of all his guests needs. He will satisfy all your vacation desires: get you to isolated bays, inform you about interesting sites, propose cosmopolitan places for food & fun. His native language is Greek, and he speaks fluent English. He easily socializes among various people, and he will make you feal at home with his warm smile and his discreet presence. His hobbies include fishing, cooking, and diving."

Milos Adventures

Nikolaos Xenakis


Our Team

Polichronis Mavros - Captain

Captain Polichronis is an exceptional sailing yachts skipper, although he is a new entrant. He has unmatched experience in catamarans as he owns a Dufour Nautitech 395 since 2010. Born in 1974 in Athens, he is recently married and has two beautiful boys. He has over 10 years of service at sea and excellent skills in order to sail you safely around the islands of the greek archipelago, especially in the complex of Cyclades islands. Captain Polichronis knows like few how to take care of all his guests needs. With his fine manners and his outgoing personality, he becomes the most reliable guide for an unforgettable vacation. His native language is Greek. He speaks fluent English and Italian and he enjoys flights with light airplanes, fishing, and cooking.

Alexandros Veremis - Skipper Assistant & Sailor

Alexandros is born in 1997. In 2021 he received his first sailing diploma from HORC. He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University Of Athens, finishing with a GPA of 8.42 . In 2015 he was awarded from Eurobank for obtaining the highest grade in his high school. His native language is Greek. He is fluent in English and German and has basic knowledge of Lithuanian. He’s been working as a host at the Ikarian Cruises yachts, since 2018. He’s duties were to welcome the guests, help the skipper as a crew member and ensure that everyone was having a good time. He is the perfect fit for our crew, since he loves the sea, and he always manages to build great relationships with the guests. His primary skills are sailing terminology and sailing yachts. He is an excellent customer orientator and team member. His expertise include work under pressure, adaptability, calmness, detail orientation and problem-solving. His hobbies are going to the theater, listening to music, reading books, playing sports, fishing and of course sailing.

Emmanouel-Georgios Dalis - Sailor

Emmanouel-Georgios is born in 1996. He obtained his sailor diploma in 2020 as well as a diploma in sailing in 2015. He has a speedboat license since 2014 and have been working in skippers ever since. He is expert in lifeguarding and has knowledge of ship security issues. His native language is Greek and is fluent in English. He a professional athlete of water polo and is keen on kind of water sports such as: water ski, wakeboard , wake surf , surf , jet ski and tubes.




Ellie-Joulitta Ayanoglu - Back Office

Ellie-Joulitta is the new member of our team. She is born in 1992 and is Greek-French born in Abu Dhabi. She studied Architecture in Athens, with a master’s degree in environmental studies and has a diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media. She is fluent in Greek, French, English, Italian and has basic knowledge of Spanish. Although a newcomer, she has already fully integrated into our group. Her hobbies include salsa dancing, reading books and horseback riding. She will be by your side this summer to serve you with joy, assist you in any problem and answer your every question.



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